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This was a thrilling time setting up it jointly

December 30th, 2016

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Cat Furniture

June 11th, 2011

I remember dreading the day I found the perfect couch to go in our appartment. Binx was never particular with what he liked scratching on and I realised that if I bought this couch, that it would end up looking like a shreaded pin cushion in a matter of hours not days!

Just moving into a new appartment (or having been there a long time) introducing your kitty to his new surroundings can be quite tough and you want to keep him inside for about a week to three weeks until you are satisfied that he is happy to know where home is and he is settled himself before deciding to let him outside. While he is inside for those one to three weeks, if you are unfortunate enough not to be able to stay home and watch your kitty 24/7, you will likely to come home and find the couch has been attacked or worse, I used to come home and find the base of my bed had been attacked!

Now declawing is definately out of the option, the only other choice left was to look at is Cat Furniture for your kitty. For starters a cat scratcher especially if you have an indoor kitty! Now I was very warey how Binx would take to this new carpeted object sitting in the lounge, and it was quite lucky I had bought him a Cat Nip plant!

Your kitty will probably go nutty over Cat Nip, but not all cats react the same way to it. If your kitty is not taking any notice of his new scratching pole, and is still using your couch, break a couple of leaves off the Cat Nip plant and proceed to rub it all over the carpeted pole. It took a few days of sniffing for Binx to actually get any interest in the pole, but once your kitty gets the idea or if need be, show kitty how it should be used first, and praise him each time he uses it properly!

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Cat Mailboxes Can Mean So Much

May 27th, 2011

We love our cats. Throughout the centuries, Cats have been revered, even worshipped. They can be our cuddly friends or fearsome hunters. Through it all, they are our beloved pets. For some, coming through the door at the end of a long day, being greeted by a furry feline it the best part of the day. Our cats love us unconditionally; we can do no wrong with them. Now, there is something that can lift your spirits as soon as you turn into the driveway. A new and unique way to pay tribute to the one who enriches our lives in so many different ways and this is with cat mailboxes.

Cat mailboxes, what’s not to love? A cat mailbox is a cute, fun, decorative novelty item that can bring you home to life. It is a way to personalize your property. It can show to the world that you are friend to felines. The assortment of different cat mailboxes is as astounding. There are so many different shapes and sizes that it makes the decision to purchase just one difficult. There have been some who have purchased cat mailboxes just for décor. They can be created a playful kittens or in a stalking pose. The design is limited only by cat lovers’ imagination.

Cat mailboxes are approved by the United States Postal service and are made of heavy-duty steel that is rust and weather resistant. They also can be made out of wood, or vinyl, and are all durable to withstand the often-frigid temperatures of winter or scorching heat of summer. Cat mailboxes come in many different designs. They can be freestanding, or attach to a building. They can have locks attached by request.

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Cats – The Purrfect Companion?

April 30th, 2011

“You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.” - Colonial proverb

Fancy having a cat at home? It will depend on you throughout its life – around 15 years with proper care – so properly budget for visits to the vets and other costs before making a decision to get a cat.

You have to budget for cat food, cat litter and scoops and other accessories to make the cat’s life comfortable at your home.

Kitten or adult? A difficult choice since the kitten of today is going to be a member of your household for a long time. Perhaps it is better to get an adult cat since it has already developed a personality and you will know what you are getting. Adult cats easily adapt to a new home and get attached to the new owner as easily as a kitten. It does not matter whether you get a male or female because their behaviour is not dependent on their gender. Neutered and spayed cats make pleasant companions.

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Cats Are Very Lovable Creatures

April 24th, 2011

cat“Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o’ fur?”- An Irish saying about cats, perhaps best describes what pleasure-giving creatures cats can be.

Jean Burden, beautifully defines the feline beauty. “A dog, I have always said, is prose; a cat is a poem.” Cats for many people, are really very lovable - remember ‘Snowbell’ - the cat of “Stuart Little”.

Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to many ailments. Cat grooming is a very important part of keeping a cat as a healthy pet. Cat supplies can be defined as important things that can be purchased for cat grooming, and maintaining general good cat health.

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Cheap Cat Playthings You can Find Around Your Home

April 15th, 2011

Buying toys from your local pet shop can be expensive, and after the money you spend on it, your cat either tears the toy to pieces in a couple of hours or turns its nose up completely!

Why not save your money and entertain your cat with the following things you can find around your own home?


I guarantee all cats love string. As it wiggles along the ground, moving fast and slow, it triggers your cat’s hunting mechanism and makes a great plaything.

A great idea is to tie a long piece of string to a stick, so you can drag it along the ground and tease your pet while sitting comfortable in a chair.

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Invest In Some Cat Furniture

December 22nd, 2010

If you are one of the lucky people in the world to own one or many cats as pets, then congratulations because you have chosen one of the best pets you can own. If you have made the commitment to owning cats, then don’t you want to be the best cat owner that you can be? Of course you do. Just like parents who go all out buying everything they could possibly need for their new babies, so you should make sure that you have all of the cat furniture and supplies you need for welcoming your new cat and for giving it a great life.

If owning cat furniture seems a bit excessive to you, then perhaps you are not cut out to own a cat. In fact, I’d suggest that true cat lovers know that owning some simple cat furniture can make all the difference in their experience with their furry friends. So consider carefully whether you are ready and willing to be the kind of cat owner that you should be.

If you are ready to really be a cat owner and to purchase some great cat furniture, then let the adventure begin. There is a wide variety of cat furniture, so you’ll have to do a little research and see what is best for you and your cat. Do this by talking with other cat owners first. Make a visit to friends that own cats and see what kinds of cat furniture they are using. Get their advice about furniture that is good and about furniture that you could do without.

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