Common Cat Health Problems – Protect Your Cuties!

cat health problemsCats are just adorable! Learning the common cat health problems may just be the foundation to give your beloved pets the best of care. The following are just some of the conditions that generally affects cats at one time or another.

Known to be vain and hygiene conscious, cats are always seen licking their bodies all over apparently to get rid of body dirt. Although it may seem a harmless habit, this practice can lead to a serious stomach problem. Furs stick on their tongues and they get swallowed in the process. Inside the stomach, these fur deposits accumulate and form into a ball.

cat health problemsHairballs is one of the common cat health problems that can make your cute pets extremely discomposed. The cats will be continuously coughing and vomiting leading to a serious dehydration. There are cat foods available on the market that can help avoid hairball formation. Helping the feline into proper grooming like using the right kind of brush will also help in this situation.

Urinary tract infection is another health problem that can be contracted by cats, being more common among the male, un-neutered felines. Symptoms include unfavorable strong smell of the cat’s urine, inability to excrete and release liquid wastes for a long period of time. Have your cat immediately checked by a veterinarian and ask for cat food recommendation that can alleviate this problem.

Other common cat health problems are those caused by older cat problemsdangerous viruses. Feline Infectious Peritonitis is caused by a corona virus and is difficult to treat. Luckily this condition is rare. Feline immunodeficiency virus is simply cat Aids, but not that fatal.Feline Leukemia Virus can easily be prevented through immunization.

There is no better way in protecting your cat than learning these common ailments and being prepared to handle them head on.